Rexeey - Series 2

Rexeey - Series 2

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As an individual that frequents Japan, there's something about the country which never fails to captive me every time I am there. In this series of designs, I have incorporated certain themes and concepts based on my travels to the beautiful country. I have also tried experimenting with the addition of little landscapes into some of the designs, and I hope you like them!

Rexeey - Series 2 includes a complete set of eleven stickers from the second series design.

Contains one of each of the following:

  • Torii Rex
  • Snowhouse Rex
  • Ninja Rex
  • Sakura Rex
  • Samurai Rex
  • Ice-Cream Rex
  • Yukata Rex
  • Subway Rex
  • Takoyaki Rex
  • Onsen Rex
  • Rex V.2